You Have Questions, We Have Answers

What services do you perform?

All services that are required to get the product from the supplier's door to Amazon's door.

Can you help me find a supplier?

No, we do not perform that service.

Do you perform inspection services in China?

No we do not, but contact us for our recommendation of someone who can.

How do I get started with your company?

We start by supplying you with a rate quote.

What information do you need to give me a rate quote?

  • Total number of shipping cartons

  • Total weight of shipping cartons

  • Total dimensions of shipping cartons

  • Product Purchasing

  • Purchase Price

After we accept your rate quote what is the next step?

Provide us with the factory contact details one week before production is completed so we can coordinate the shipping with them.

How and when do I pay you?

After customs release we will send you an invoice that is due upon receipt. Most people pay with PayPal.

What port do you bring the product in to?

We bring the product into Seattle's port because it's closest to our office and China. 

How will my product get from the Seattle port to Amazon door?

You will provide us labels from your Amazon Seller Central, normally UPS, we will put them on the boxes and have UPS pick up and deliver to Amazon.  When creating a Shipping Plan in Seller Central, please use the following "Ship From" Address for your labels:

JC Logistics

3817B Central Ave S

Kent, WA 98032



If you choose an Amazon carrier for trucking to the Amazon location, please note that you will be responsible for making sure the trucker picks up the cargo from the cargo location and delivers it to Amazon. If you choose "other carrier" and we use our truckers, then we will be responsible for making sure the cargo is picked up from the cargo location and delivered to Amazon.

If the cargo stays at the cargo location too long they will start to charge storage charges that will be added to your account.

What documents are required for your service?

Customs requires us to have you complete a Power of Attorney form. This allows us to converse with Customs on your behalf.  These forms are available for immediate download right here:

Power Of Attorney Form

Power Of Attorney Instructions

Any other document requirements?

We will need copies of the commercial invoice, packing list, and telex released bill of lading from your supplier.

What price should my supplier put on the commercial invoice?

The actual price paid for the product. Do not let them put a fake price on in order to save duties as this is against the US law.

What else do I need to know?

All products must say Made in China on them.

Solid wood packing materials are not allowed unless they are fumigated.

Is it better to communicate with you via phone or email?

Email, as I am on the phone quite often and can reply quicker via email.

How long does it take for the product to get from the supplier's door to Amazon's door?

4 - 5 weeks via oceanfreight, about 1 week via airfreight.

What is the minimum quantity of product to do shipping with your company?

If the total weight of the shipping cartons is less than 100 kgs, have the supplier send the product directly to Amazon's door by a courier service such as UPS.

Can I send some of the product via airfreight and some via oceanfreight?

Absolutely. Most sellers use this method to begin selling their products quickly while waiting for the rest of their shipment to arrive.