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Why Ship To Seattle?

JC Logistic's home port is Seattle, Washington. After deep consideration, we chose this port for the global shipping convenience of our clients. Seattle's proximity to China, our headquarters, and the port's oceanography all make it a pleasure to work out of.

Seattle Airport is the 20th ranked airport in the entire US for commercial shipments. They handle millions of dollars in product a day. Shipping by air freight into Seattle-Tacoma airport is a cheap choice from China as well.

Learn more about the benefits of shipping to Seattle below.

Global Shipping by Sea

Deep Water Port

There are two types of ports, deep water and recreational. Recreational ports are what come to mind first for most people. These types of ports are only available to boats that can navigate in water less than 20 feet deep.

Deep water ports, on the other hand, have to be at least 30 feet deep to accommodate large ships and barges. Each deep water port is optimized for global shipping orders. They have cranes to pick up large shipments from the boat and transfer them to the terminal. They have service platforms and are often frequented by recreational cruise ships.

Close to Headquarters

JC Logistics is located in Des Moines, Washington State, about 20 miles from the port. Our local employees travel 45 minutes or less to receive and process your shipments. This proximity allows us to keep our services as fast and efficient as possible.

Being close to port enables us to have lasting relationships with port employees. We know who is handling your shipments and have a better chance of coordinating solutions if anything were to go wrong.

Close to China

Seattle is one of the closest US deep water ports to China. By shipping goods into Seattle, companies see faster shipping times and lower costs. There are many shipping vessels that specialize in the China to Seattle route.

Global Shipping By Air

Shipping into Seattle-Tacoma airport is a great choice for our business and your product. They have approximately 680,000 feet of space for shipment storage, which we're happy to have. They accept cargo shipments from 12 international locations with all-cargo decks and wide-body carrier services.

The airport offers on-site custom agents and border control. Shipping something fishy? There is an on-site branch of the Fish and Wildlife office too. They even offer FDA inspection services on qualifying cargo shipments.

Close To Amazon

If you're using JC Logistics services to ship products from China to Amazon, you're in luck. Amazon's headquarters are in Seattle as well. The proximity to their main office makes shipment time quick and easy.

Port of Seattle: Best for Everyone

Now that the benefits of shipping to Seattle are clear, you can see this port is the best choice for everyone. We'd like to think we are too. Our forwarder to China services is handled by the best employees out there. See the difference today.

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