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Cheryl's Guide to Seattle

The whole point of our company and our services is that you don’t have to travel with your goods. However, you might want to take a trip to set up your business initially or to meet with potential clients. Since we know Seattle so well, we thought we’d make you a local guide. On this list, you’ll find some tourist classics with a few local gems. Get started on your adventure below.

The Space Needle

If you like bird eye views, there is no way you can miss the space needle. It’s one of Seattle’s landmarks and towers over the Pacific Northwest. It was built in 1962 for The World’s Fair that attracted about 2.3 million people. Its observation deck is at 520 feet (160 m) and there is a restaurant at 500 feet that will cost you a pretty penny.

At the top, you can overlook the Seattle skyline, the Olympic and Cascade mountains, Mount Rainer, Baker and Elliot Bay. You can expect a quick ride up the elevators at ten miles per hour. A ticket to the top will cost you $22.

Pike’s Place Market

The market itself has been open since 1907 where the first six farmers to set up sold out within minutes. The public place market is the home of the first ever Starbucks, vendors who throw fish back and forth and a 600-pound bronze pig. Grab an Alderwood-smoked king salmon from Pure Food Fish who’s been there since 1911. When you’re there be sure to take a break and pay attention to all your senses. The mix of flavors, foods, and flair on the Seabreeze is once-in-a-lifetime.

Volunteer Park Conservatory

For anyone in the mood for some beautiful botanicals, the Volunteer Park Conservatory is the place for you. You can experience all four seasons there in one half-day. They have five display houses, each housing a different type of climate’s plants. You can experience the Bromeliad, Palm, Fern, Cactus, and Seasonal houses while you’re there. If you were worried about earthquakes, the Conservatory is a good place to be.

They just re-structured their conservatory in case of an earthquake. Before you leave be sure to check out their 99-year-old Jade plant!

Seattle Museum of History and Industry

It’s no secret that we love what we do at JC Logistics. The constant flow of products and economic stimulation keeps us on our toes. But we’re not the only ones who get inspired by Seattle’s sea air. There have been hundreds of successful locals (or transplants) who used Seattle as their success point. You can learn all about them at this museum.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by Boeing’s first airplane and you can visit historic boats on the museum's dock (our favorite part).

Seattle Locals

Whether you are coming to Seattle for business or pleasure, we hope you’ll check out something from our list. If you’re just flying in and flying out, at least grab a local cup of coffee on your way. Hopefully, it’ll get you buzzed about your trip to Seattle.

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